Shurdington Tree Planting

As part of Shurdington Parish Council’s ongoing commitment to abating the climate crisis, the Council voted to plant 60 trees within the village.

Planting trees is ‘the best climate change solution’ available to us. The process of photosynthesis absorbs carbon dioxide from the environment and uses it in the production of oxygen and wood. Planting native British trees also helps protect biodiversity and maintain wildlife habitats.

Just planting is not a panacea, and we must be sure we are in fact helping, rather than harming, the environment. By ensuring the trees are native species and planted in the correct places and according to the correct procedures, we can avoid the problem of damaging biodiversity. We are identifying sites within Shurdington that can safely be planted on; uncultivated grassland, wetlands, heath and sites that are home to other animal species must be avoided, for example.

If you know of any location within Shurdington that would benefit from tree planting, contact the Council with your ideas. A public vote will be held at the Annual Assembly on 20th April 2020, where the final locations of the trees will be decided.