Your Neighbourhood Policing Team is a group of local police officers dedicated to serving your community.

To contact the local Neighbourhood Policing Team for non-emergency enquiries you should call 101 or email: 101@gloucestershire.pnn.police.uk

To find out more details click on the link to the Gloucestershire Constabulary website:

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Police Crime Commissioner: Advocacy Scheme

Police and Crime Commissioner Chris Nelson created the councillor advocacy scheme to create and sustain closer relationships between neighbourhood policing teams and parish/town councils across Gloucestershire, to improve visibility trust and confidence in policing.

Each parish/town council has been invited to nominate a councillor to become a councillor advocate, who will then attend meetings on a quarterly basis with their respective Neighbourhood Policing Team inspector. Councillor advocates are also provided with a point of contact at Gloucestershire’s Office of the Police and Crime Commissioner (OPCC) who will be able to support them with liaising with their neighbourhood team as well as in answering queries councillors might have.

This bespoke manual aims to answer common queries that have been raised by councillors. It also provides links to report crimes and incidents mistakenly reported to police, information on local partnership groups, who the local neighbourhood policing team are and some useful links that councillors might need.

This is a working document and the Volunteer and Engagement Officer for the OPCC will keep it updated on a regular basis. If there is anything you think would be beneficial to add to this document please do get in contact via engagement.officer@gloucestershire-pcc.gov.uk .

Councillor Advocacy Scheme Manual Tewkesbury- Shareable