The Parish Plan

The Shurdington Parish Plan was completed in 2014.

Survey Responses






Parish Plan Update – July 2014

The Parish Council has been analysing the results of the recent survey.   A full account of our activities and those of the various associated organisations (King George’s Field, The Church etc) are available here. The Council itself has recognised a number of important outcomes from the survey and at least the following activities or decisions have been made.

1.  The council does not intend to undertake a full neighbourhood plan given the low level of responses to this survey.
2.  The council recognises a level of enthusiasm for a local bakery and would likely support any related proposals.
3.  The council will lobby local supermarkets regarding a food bank in the village.
4.  The council will continue to lobby for a dentist, pharmacy and GP surgery in the parish.
5.  The council understands the concern expressed over traffic and parking around the primary school.
6.  The council will continue to support any neighbourhood watch proposals.
7.  The council will continue to support voluntary litter picking activities.
8.  The Council will work hard with the local government to ensure that the standard of the roads in the parish are improved.  (NOTE: Immediate action from GCC was forthcoming regarding the A46 potholes following a recent parish council meeting)
9.  The council recognises a number of issues related to dog walking and dog bins.
10. The council understands the need for a footway/cycleway between the village and Badgeworth and will work with neighbouring authorities on this issue.
11. The Council is seeking funding to start a local history club (63 responses were in favour of this idea)
12. The council will lobby for road improvements in the area including lower speed limits on stretches of roadway, and more warning signs
13. The Council will enquire about changes to bus routes to suit local residents.

Would you like these things in the Parish?

Are you interested in or concerned about plans for our Parish and the areas around it?  The draft Tewkesbury Borough Plan is available here.