Tewkesbury Borough Local Plan – Site D

The Tewkesbury Borough Council meeting tonight concerned the ongoing discussions about Tewkesbury Borough’s Local Plan. Shurdington Parish Council, together with Badgeworth Parish Council, have been intimately involved with the development of this plan, determined to protect the Green Belt and Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty in which we are lucky to live.

In November 2018, Shurdington Parish Council submitted a response to the Preferred Options document in which we vociferously objected to any development on the land known as ‘Site D’ – a large parcel of land opposite the Greenway Hotel and extending down Badgeworth Lane. Concerns about traffic, infrastructure, over-developmentĀ and of course the impact on the Green Belt were among those listed in our letter.

We were heartened therefore that when the Tewkesbury Borough Planning Officers produced their report, they agreed with us that the land at Site D (now known as SHU4) was unsuitable for development, echoing virtually all our comments.The Borough Council decided to accept the report and SHU4 was removed from the Borough Plan.

We are grateful to our friends at Badgeworth Parish Council and all the residents of Shurdington who have made their views about the Plan known.