Brizen Park/View – Winter Maintenance

In response to concerns raised by local residents, Shurdington Parish Council have in November 2021 and October 2022 contacted the developer of the Brizen Park/View estate regarding winter maintenance on the estate. We have received the following information from Redrow Homes:

1. Redrow Homes have a road sweeper in place that is in constant use 5 days a week to keep the roads clean.

2. The site team will have grit available to use if needed and this will be reviewed as and when needed. Any grit needed is kept on the site compound (not grit bins).

3. Redrow do not have access to gritters, those are Gloucestershire County Council owned.

4. Redrow confirm that the gritting arrangements will remain the same for the upcoming winter, the responsibility is with the Local Authority. (Received Nov 2022).

It is the understanding of the Parish Council that roads not yet been adopted by Gloucestershire County Council will not be considered for routine gritting by GCC and we are not authorised to supply grit bins for self -help as GCC will not supply the salt required to maintain them.