Become A Parish Councillor and Help to Make A Difference in Shurdington

Are you interested in Shurdington?

If you are then Shurdington Parish Council has a VACANCY FOR A PARISH COUNCILLOR

The Council wants to co-opt someone who can represent the views and needs of Shurdington residents and is willing to serve as a Parish Councillor until the next round of local elections in May 2021. Parish Councillors are unpaid.

Joining Shurdington Parish Council is a REAL OPPORTUNITY TO MAKE A DIFFERENCE.

You can HELP TO

  • identify the issues
  • recognise what needs to be done
  • make the changes Shurdington needs.

The deadline for applications is Friday 4 September 2020

For more information please contact the Parish Clerk, Lizzie Abderrahim by email: or phone: 07906960984]

or you can speak to one of the Parish Councillors

You can read about the qualities a Parish Councillor needs to have here

You can read about the Co-option Procedure here

The form you need to complete is here