Police Crime Commissioner

The job of the Police and Crime Commissioner (PCC) is to ensure the policing needs of their communities are met as effectively as possible, bringing communities closer to the police, building trust and confidence in the system.

The PCC is here to make sure that policing is both accessible for and accountable to the residents of Gloucestershire. Through the PCC, residents have the opportunity to influence how policing is carried out in a way that matters to them. The PCC works with the police on your behalf, to not only hold the Chief Constable to account but also to work with the police and partners to break the cycle of crime and disorder in Gloucestershire.

The Commissioner’s role is not just about policing. It involves wider criminal justice and community safety responsibilities.

The PCC for Gloucestershire is Chris Nelson. He does not run the police, as the Chief Constable is responsible for all police operations, but his role is to:

Be responsible for the police budget
Hold the Chief Constable to account for the actions of the police
Act as a voice for the public on policing matters
Commission services to achieve the primary police objective of reducing crime